Shared by Puhnu on April 10, 2016

Trying to be a bandit is hard if you´re too kind.

Playing @ DAYZ UNDERGROUND server.

I usually don´t like playing there because of high ping, but there are friendlier players and I felt like making some new friends

I got an idea from a friend that i should sometime try to arrest a player and force him to tell me a funny joke. After many tries i finally got it going! Most of the times i ended up giving players weapons, food and ammo and hanging out with them for hours

At the second clip, the other guy called Ben was like this. I should have arrested him but ended up playing with him on dayz underground for 1 hour before that second clip happened. We met at novy sobor and went stary sobor, VMC and then we discussed between myshkino and airfield…

I´m sorry for the audio volume differences. And that surround was from companions voice activation steam chat.

Includes Mindy / M1NDER

Big hand for BEN: THANK YOU. I´m sorry how it ended man. I have never felt this bad about anything that has happened in games. It was a blink of an eye decision.

And I´m sorry for all who died there. I wanted everyone to make it through.

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