Shared by Weyland-Yutani on March 30, 2014

The weekend of the 22nd our group had played on the Experimental Hive. When done I Opted Out but never dl’d an update. Tried this several x to no avail.

The night of this film the glitchery got so bad I was about to quit when a colonist suggested we play some Experimental. When I went over to Opt In it said I was still in Experimental. I Opted Out and finally started dl’ing the update. Went back to Regular Hive and everything was back to normal.

Not sure if this is actually Ragdoll or some sort of glitchcraft. I have never seen any of the animations in this video. I’ve seen video, recent video, of players blowing themselves up at the gas stations and the fall face first every time and no flailing of limbs.