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I love DayZ but sometimes its a pain in the arse. Especially when you’ve joined a server made some friends but before you’ve added each other on steam the game has crashed or the server has restarted. No problem right, go to your main menu and click play but nothing happens!? So if you don’t remember the name, it happens but your now unable to rejoin and you’ve lost your survivor buddies.

So what I’m going to show you here is a quick way to get that IP address of the last server you were on and then il show you how to join on a DayZ server using just its IP. First step, lets get your last server ip address.

Open up your documents folder – go to the folder “DayZ” and open up your profile so you can see here my real name, right click and open with notepad – press control and F and type in “lastmpserver” and wahhaa! Here is the last server you joined, its name and ip address. Thats the server I was on last.

Stage 2 lets copy and paste that IP address and il show you how to join a DayZ server with just the IP. Open DayZ, change server, click the “Remote” tab and paste, using control and V keys the ip address into the field. Heres the server good to go, join and we’re in!

Thanks for watching guys hope that might easy someones pain out there! Please subscribe for more dayz general tips and il see you in the next one!

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