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Lessons From Early Access Development – Eugen Harton, Lead Producer, Bohemia Interactive

(White Nights Conference Prague 2017)
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    I don’t know what goes into making a game , but i understand you guys are making a new game out of the old dayz while trying to provide a playable game for us in the meantime .I’m 76 and have 1600 hours in dayz SA so far and i’m legally blind and plan on playing as long as I can see the screen.

  • How not to make game too entertaining so not everybody will buy it in early access while it is still not in full price, but not to ruin your reputation and game name.

    For example – do not add a bycicle. Make player to spend his 90percent of the time just running and looting and playing hide and seek. Hopefully not everybody in server will choose to play hide at once. Have a way too big map for amount of people possible for a server, and then scatter them all through the map, so they indeed will meet each other really rarely.

    I believe that DayZ will be a blast when it will get finished, or when devs will decide that they want to make it more expensive and worth it. One thing is money, other thing is value of gameplay time, it is not good if you have to spend 2hours of game for few minutes of real fun. DayZ is worst game, but when something is happening it is totally best game, no other game can match the experiences of DayZ, but if they only happen.

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      Just like life if self. You work, eat, sleep about 95% of your time…. but you will always remember that 5% that make you feel amaze.

      • Maybe so, maybe no. Too bad normal man is not able to live two full lifes. One in reality and one in DayZ. Even if he is a popular streamer lol

        I’m not saying that it must be full action like CounterStrike, but you know… Free time is valuable for some people.

        I hope there will be mods with smaller maps, so there will be higher density of players. And it will take less luck to experience something awesome.