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Game Info

What is Afternight?
Afternight was a squad that entered chernarus escorting a scientist to find a cure. It was broken and dispersed after a final stand on the outskirts of elektro. I, Mist am a member of Afternight and we still are searching for the cure while fighting many groups and other survivors who do not like our presence, while helping those that we can.

Dayz Standalone
Dayz standalone is a standalone game created by the same people that created the DayZ mod for arma 2 operation arrowhead. It’s purpose was to offer a standalone game with the same functionality as the mod however it turned out to be much more and has a new map, better graphics and entirely new inventory and medical systems that all have their roots in the mod. DayZ standalone, now better known simply as dayz was released on the 17th December and is can be bought on steam here:

What is Dayz?
Dayz was originally a very popular (1.5 million) modification for arma 2 operation arrowhead however became a standalone game after a long period of time, this part of dayz’s history is fairly complex, ask in the comments if you want more info

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