Shared by hwk on October 8, 2013

Welcome to DayZ Epoch, the amazing new mod for DayZ (Modception). In this version, you can buy and sell weapons, food, supplies, vehicles, ammo, clothes, EVERYTHING, with the introduction of a currency and trade system. Entire trading camps are set up across the map, as well as rag-tag wholesalers looking to sell their goods cheap. Experience new items, clothing, weapons, vehicles, everything. The core game mechanic is now completely changed. If DayZ made you and A**hole, Epoch makes you a greedy A**hole.

Currently, Epoch is whitelisted, and whitelisting keys go only to streamers and youtubers. However, I secured more than enough for me and my squad, and will be giving away some keys to join me and the guys in DayZ Epoch! Answer the questions at the end of the video to qualify for one! Here are where to find the answers!

Slave Video-
Bridge Battle Video-
Extreme Stunt Video-

Find the answers in these videos ^^^ and put them in the comments below, I will randomly select some of those with the correct answers to give keys.

Epoch Official Site-
Epoch Wiki-
My Facebook Page (Come chill with me xD)-

As always, have a great day!