Shared by rebellion on August 5, 2016

DayZ Standalone 0.60 Game Play.

Me and Gump on our way up towards the NWAF from Gorka way obviously looking for some PVP.

What transpired here as soon as we approached the tents from the south side soon escalated and had my adrenaline rushing like I have never felt before. By the time it was all over my hands were literally shaking from the adrenaline I experienced.

I’m not the best PVP of players but this was even epic in my view albeit a 2v2 match (Well not quite 2v2 but youll see why in the first 60s). Hats off the two guys I was against on BWAF UK #2.

All of this action was streamed towards the end of a nice 6Hr stream on Thursday 5th Aug. I sure hope there’s gonna be more like this in upcoming streams!

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Music: “Dyson Sphere” by Hecrom – Creative Commons License

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