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The renderer for DayZ Standalone is coming, but we must not get to excited as blockers may cause more delays in development, though things are looking really good.

Eugen Twitter convo on renderer:






All Footage is from DayZ Standalone by Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall and Bohemia Interactive


Music Credits: – Final Hour

Cyberwave Orchestra ft. William Stewart – Dreaming Of Home


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    its funny how alot of the people that complain about the game the most are the ones that play it the most! i just dont understand how people dont realize that developing a game takes alot of time and effort especially while keeping the game playable and keeping the fan base happy! the same people that complain about buggy content would also complain about not enough content being pushed out if they were to stop releasing content in patches…. keep up the good work devs and just know that there are people out there that do appreciate the work you put in!

    • you are right on some areas there but this is not about complaining perse’ its more about pulling the wool over the gamers eyes with crazy hype tripe. Be honest about things in development instead of as you put it “keeping the fan base happy” because the more you spill out bullscrap about ones game progress the more you alienate that fan base.

      Been playing dayz btw for long time but since 0.48 + or rather the 050 area of development I have played a huge deal less. I don’t have frame issues in the game, I have swallowing bullshit issues from the devs. It is a far cry from your post about how tough it is to make a game malarky..

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        Hmm if you didn’t seen all the work done since the 0.50 that you who is turning malarky…
        Since Dean was gone the game never been that much updated. The DayZ team gone through a very rocky patch (excuse my english) and one must be why dishonest to say that the game did not advanced ever since they are restructured.

  • Why would they state that a far away scene is the same in complexity as Severograd? It’s this kind of non-sense that gets people to criticise the devs in the first place. Because it simply isn’t true. And the rest of the criticism should be expected when you don’t meet half of the development goals for a year and then suddenly start calling it a roadmap and suggestions. It’s also funny that in summer last year, people were talking about, how Dayz was only in development for two years – and apparently it still is. It will be in development forever for two years…
    Other games start from scratch and work up to a prototype within their 2-4 year development phase. Dayz had that prototype before developing the SA – it was called the mod. Nobody can tell me that this is a normal game development project, but as long as it gets finished and the devs stop making announcements about features they won’t have done in time, I’m fine with it. It’s not so much the game I criticise, it is the PR and the way half-broken features are thrown at the players almost with every update. (e.g. Where is the ability to flip cars in some way? Where’s the medical system) Lot of good in this game, but it should be taken with a grain of salt.

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    Very good job i hope others head your advice to give them the time to get it done .

  • So it seems SF has become a hack for dayz devs, anyone notice the change in tone of his production/voice here? You would be blind to not notice it. It is pretty obvious from where I am standing that he has been contacted to put this out as damage control due to the obvious sillyness about 118fps while floating in the air at 500ft looking down on LOD reduced modeling.

    on par with grad my buttcheeks!… Damage control followed up with further information filling “don’t get hyped about the fps” areas that are still “wip” to soften the blow even further. Wow its becoming a total joke.

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    “Blockers?” please stop using dev buzz words. It’s insulting.