Shared by modernkilla82 on March 15, 2016

The ongoing work on weapon animations is still far from finishing. As there are more ways in which state gun can be when player will initiate the reload the proper animation has to be created to provide a corresponding reload action. Some reloads are being replaced with more polished ones and many new animations are being created to support possibility to load a chamber with single ammo. The animation sets for each gun now have magazine reload animations, manipulation with weapon mechanism, chambering animations and more is still to come.

The main player graph now contains most of important functionalities but we are constantly going through existing animations and filling out some missing ones or replacing with more polished versions. Also the wounded character now has some sets implemented as a prototype (some walks and runs) but we will have to wait for all the animations until we fully introduce it.

The previously mentioned improvements to pulling out and hiding of weapons was slightly polished in past week. We have achieved what we were aiming for. While standing still you can start arming a gun, begin walking and meanwhile change stance to crouch – it will just work, oh and of course you can stop while doing that anytime. This of course means a lot to other player actions like for instance gestures or eating as can be seen in the video capture from our animation editor preview.