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According to our make shift calender Its been over a year since everything broke down. The group is small now, not many of us left. Food is scarce and things are quickly becoming unstable amongst us. Still – each of us know its better than being alone. Moon, Kiwo, Kat…aliases of course. No names, best not to get attached we say. Heroes of our group, we were once good people but thats dayz gone bye. Nothing left now but to .. hunt.

Starring the amazing:
► Kiwion:
► Mr.Moon:
► Kat:
► MadMorph (boyfriend):
► TacticalBtch (girlfriend): – YES I STILL HAVE THE AMYLI BLUEROCK BOOTS xD

Music: Hans Zimmer – Why So Serious? (

Friendly Flash Mob dedicated Roleplay server

Many thanks to Boden for the DayZ Cinematics

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