Shared by Bullwon on July 15, 2014

In this video I show you guys a strange Easter Egg I found near Kabanino and Stary Sobor.
I told you guys to check the description because while editing this video, I realized that I had another theory. I believe that the little mountain thingy is actually another Easter Egg. The pyramid Easter Egg that used to be found near Stary Sobor. Here is a link to the video showing the pyramid: The pyramid can be seen at around 1:36 in the video above.
“Till April 23rd 2014 this area was located a land bug “spire”.”
-Special Thanks for the Russian translation From: ComandoGrey!
So from the Russian Translation I think that this Easter Egg can be solved. This Easter Egg is a small monument that tells us that they removed the small Pyramid/Spire made of grass on April 23rd of this year. People thought the pyramid had a meaning but from the translation it must have been just a bug in the coding.
Thanks for Watching!