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A DayZ parody of Dumb Ways to Die. If you enjoyed the video, remember to hit the like button, thanks!

Credit for the original song and the backing track goes to Tangerine Kitty. Go check it out, it’s great! –

Helpers (thank you guys!):
George –
Joe –
Will –
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Original song –

Backing track –

Give a zombie a hug
Run in front of a pickup truck
Drive your car into the sea
Fly upside down in a Huey


Lay down in front of a car
Get assaulted in the bar
Teach yourself how to fly
Try to be that helpful hero kind of guy


Get hit by a tin can
Jump out of a betty van
Throw a smoke grenade at your feet
Turn your engine off at a thousand feet


Don’t eat or drink for a day
Volunteer for a zombie buffet
Snipe without a gillie suit
I wonder what’s this eject button do?


Shoot your gun in town when there’s loads of zombies
Snipe while hiding in one of those small pine trees
Open a gate and try to go through
Fall off the roof of the fire station
Glitch through a wall and break your legs
They may not rhyme but they’re quite possibly