Shared by hwk on September 17, 2014

A project that I have been working on by myself for a while to remake DayZ in Doom (because I had had it with Zombies walking through walls and figured that Doom is a far more suitable engine to use)

The graphics will change as a lot of stuff is there as placeholders because I want to get the features in there first. I think I have everything that Day-Z has now, with Day and night, weighted spawn points, animals, fires and cooking, water, refilling canteens, weapons, food, broken limbs, morphine, illness, temperature, getting wet, rain, helicopter spawns, exploding petrol stations, night vision, enterable buildings, smashable glass,

This is my first map in many years, and my first time using the Zdoom features. I am not a coder, and I’m no artist, but I have enthusiasm, and if anyone wants to join in by drawing a gun, or making some buildings etc, the more the merrier.

Apologies for the wind noise – that’s my first video recording.

The website for this is

Currently this just runs in 1080p (the UI is screwed at any other res). This is fixable, but I’m not sure I’m doing it the easiest way, so I would like to check this before I go ahead.

If you have any questions, or feedback, please ask away.