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    DayZ creates tears on all sides. People are gonna play there way and “hopefully” surprise you, thus making each player interaction/experience intense. Personally I think the Hero and Bandit playstyles are way overrated. I don’t sign up as either, I handle things case by case. Majority of the time I’m prob rather messed up (offered two “friends” gear to the victor if they boxed to the death. We then handcuffed and cooked the winner over a fire). Sure I KOS and shoot yolo bambi’s all the time. If I see a bambi in a dangerous town running about, his life is forfeit. On the other hand if I see a bambi creeping around attempting to avoid conflict I’ll communicate and attempt to help them. It’s all about reading people and interacting when you can. In the end priority is survival and these two knuckleheads were prob in ts shitting bricks. They made the wrong choice. IMO as long as hacks/scripts aren’t used and a false sense of partnership/friendship isn’t established through the use of TS/Reddit or whatever only to betray/grief them, the way you play is up to you. GLHF