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Game: BugZ Standalone

In this video, Hicks smites me down for my actions. The DayZ gods were not exactly in my favour today, however before the footage of this video, I had avenged my 2 fallen friends by killing their killers and their friends.
This is a joke, and I am fully aware it is an alpha game that has been in development for about 1 and a half years (not 3 years, as many claim) and I understand bugs will be there.
Although as anyone does, I too get annoyed with the sheer amount of bullsh*t that comes around in this game at times.

The #HicksPlzFix came from the JewCrew

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  • Profile photo of Dr. Bonehard

    The main reason why the development goes so slow is because of all you little whiners. If the programmers were not that busy fixing bugs after each patch (bug fixing is NOT for alpha) , we could’ve have Beta now. But nooooo, you just had to whimper like little babies…

    • Profile photo of obbler

      You should learn to read a bit more. I specifically say in the description that this is a joke, and I have the same mindset as you. It is a piss take. Stop taking all these jokes and things so seriously, Silo Entertainment has done loads of videos like this one where he gets killed by the most stupid of things and has made it funny, yet nobody complains at him.
      Don’t tell me I’m a whiner, I fully understand this game is in Alpha, as it has been for almost 1 and a half years, not 3 years as many dickheads would claim. You sir, have not a lot of idea what you’re talking about. Some of the bugs they have been fixing have been out since as long as I can remember like “The Gun Glitch”. However these sort of bugs have made PvP and other aspects of the game almost impossible to play, for those who suffer from them.

      Next time, bud, don’t judge the book by it’s cover, yeah?

      • Profile photo of Dr. Bonehard

        I didn’t addressed this comment to you personally, hence the plural. So don’t get so easily offended, I never meant to. I just want all the players who whine about bug fixing to stop for a moment and think. Think, for example, why is the 0.58 patch delayed. Well, obviously because the Devs have been fixing its bugs for the last 10 days. And all this will be in vain when the next patch arrives. And the next, and the next… Every month they’re wasting valuable time on fixing things that they do NOT need to. Because it’s freaking Alpha and each time they add something new, it will break other things. Valuable time that could’ve been invested in a more advanced development. Just think about it.
        I would rather experience massive bugs and get the completed game in 1,5 years than playing a semi-bugged game and get the final product in 4 years…

        • Profile photo of obbler

          The “YOU little whiners” made it personal. I apologise for taking it personal, but I am sick to the back teeth of the community arguing over tge development of the game and being so uptight, that they forget to just have a laugh about these bugs. I put in the trololol song to make a joke. I mapped the glasses on Hicks, for a joke. 0.58 has been delayed because the devs WANT to fix the bugs because there are so many at the moment. This is one of the first times they have had to fix any major bugs, and why have they had to? Because people complain about them. Why do they complain? Because they can’t play the game properly. Who made that game available? The devs. I praise the devs for their work, but if they didn’t want to have to fix bugs at this stage, it should have been a closed alpha.

          It’s nothing personal, but perhaps you should notice the difference between a whiner (the people Hicks has to block on Twitter, not me) and the content creators that try to add some humour into their misfortune. Just, appreciate the video just this once and I won’t have to apologise for attempting to entertain the community with a relatable situation made funny with the use of humourous music.

          I’m sorry if you got the wrong impression, and I think we got off on the wrong foot. I am here to make friends, not enemies.

          • Profile photo of Dr. Bonehard

            As I said, it was nothing personal. I get the joke and the “deal with it” glasses. I know where they come from, because I’m a 9gagger and redditer myself. It’s just that I adjudged your post as a good spot to convey my thoughts about bug whiners since your title and thumbnail were definitely about to lure lots of them.

            Peace, brother!

    • Profile photo of obbler

      Oh and hence why the video is tagged under “Fun”.
      IT IS A JOKE.

  • Profile photo of obbler

    This is how the DayZ Community gets torn apart. Because people like Dr.Bonehard take jokes too seriously and mistake content creators, who try to make a joke out of a shit situation, for whiners that complain. I am not complaining, I am joking.