Shared by RampagePC on August 21, 2015

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Welcome to DayZSaga, survivor. Over the coming weeks, months and years you will develop a story, your story.
This story will be shaped by the environment and player interactions you partake in.
Whether you story turns into bitter survival for the basic necessities of life or you prosper by
banding together and preying on the weak only you can decide. You will play a role, a role of your choosing.
You are only limited by your imagination, what will you be?
Decide your actions, define your destiny, create your saga.

DayZSaga is a serious role-playing community designed to create a fun and enjoyable
environment where people can create engaging storylines in an environment that encourages and
supports this with a dedicated community and staff.

Special thanks to Roach for making an awesome trailer. Visit his youtube channel at