Shared by Happybro on September 22, 2014

Welcome to DayZeta, an independent DayZ roleplaying mod and community for Arma II.

Explore the beautiful paradise island of Lingor, filled with surprise and mystery at every corner. Placing players in a sandbox environment, DayZeta allows role players the ability to create their own story and narrative to forge their path in the jungle wasteland of Lingor.

DayZeta is a mod that has been tirelessly developed for months in order to create the perfect environment for engaging and immersive roleplay on DayZ, combined with a well designed and interactive forum that links players to the heart of the community.

From the 12th of September DayZeta will be launching its Beta client which shall run for about two weeks. During the beta period all in-game donator privileges will be available while they are being tested and the donation shop is being structured. While you wait, feel free to apply to the whitelist, register on the forums, and download the client in preparation.