Shared by hwk on April 26, 2013

Dayz Standalone Devblog April 26th. part1 @ PAX.

  • Quick Controls: Assign Weapons (Assuming other items other than weapons also) to different numbers to quickly change between them.
  • Loot doesn’t just spawn in piles and spawns in different areas
  • Controls feel better supposedly
  • Don’t die from walking in buildings/hitting doors(YES!!!)
  • Improved inventory system
    • Drag and Drop items
    • Put items into a sweat shirt or another clothing item, like a storage of sorts
  • June review of game to decide if alpha is ready to be released ( I hope so)
  • Radios: Simplified version of ACRE
    • You can listen to the chat through a radio while driving (and other stuff I missed/didn’t understand)

This is 16 minutes in might have to go soon since tired will update as I can.

  • Medic: 18 minutes in IIRC
    • Health: Overall health determines when you die. If your blood/hunger/thirst are fine then your health will regen
    • Blood: Short term indicator; you can still bleed. Hunger/Thirst are good then you regenerate blood only until maximum health. Used to determine if you go unconscious
    • Shock: Similar to unconscious meter in original Xcom
    • Example: If you get shot and the shock value exceeds your blood you go unconscious and lose health.
    • Break bones, get cholera, etc
  • More immersiveness and less UI
  • Food: Diet will effect character
    • Russian brands
  • Melee: 22 minutes; prototype only right now
    • Able to punch
    • Less weapons so more reliance on melee
  • Weapons: Revisiting weapons to make their quality better: sound, etc
  • Skeletons: Completely new skeleton, better animations
  • Roadmap: 25 minutes in
    • Vehicles won’t be in initial relase
    • Vehicles in august/september maybe
    • Customize vehicles
    • Basebuilding, similar to capital ships in EVE, possibly underground
      • Like Skyrim, secret instance, end of the year probably
    • Better camera/spectator system for tournaments/stramers/youtube people
    • Game less dangerous for streaming. No names and stuff when logging in or dieing (hinted at)

Q&A 29:30 * I’m done now if someone wants to pick up from here.