Shared by thatskippy on May 17, 2016

Hey guys,

So i am one of the lucky ones, i have been accepted to play on Teh Red Zone!

On Teh Red Zone i will be playing the part of William McSkundy who is looking for his younger brother Hamish McSkundy.


William McSkundy, born in Inverness Scotland and moved to Chernarus when his father (Military Doctor) was transferred to the Tisy Field Hospital.

Williams parents are divorce with his mother and sister still in Scotland, His dad Jock worked hard with no time for his Children, leaving William to bring up his younger brother in a new country all on his own.

When the outbreak broke out William, Hamish and their dad Jock where on the evacuation list and as they loaded into the chopper William got separated from his Dad and brother and the Helicopter took off without him.

Now he is on the search hoping his brother is still alive – willing to do any jobs, task or dirty work it takes to get information on anyone who may know of the where abouts of his brother.


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