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Now guys I’m not the best at writing for a number of different reasons but I though I’d try and bring something new for my upcoming character and make a short story to show what kind of person he may be I hope you enjoy.
The time of day had trickled away slowly until the golden haze of sunshine had all but gone. The air was thin but moist and the howl of the wind had died down only now brushing over the green swept grass, drops of water were gently cascading of the leaves on a rather large tree. Under this tree stood a average sized male. He was not tall but not small, he had golden brown hair slicked back not from some overly expensive hair product but from… the looks of it, it hadn’t seen a shower in months. His cheeks were a pinch away from glowing as if he had been running for an ungodly amount of time. His eyes were a faded and pale green as if they had seen brighter days. His eyes glistened in the newly awoken moon… the howl of a crying wolf could be heard faintly in the distance as it echoed across fields and the lush forests of Chernarus.The man removed his rugged and dirty checkered shirt and enclosed himself in a well kept raincoat, which was clearly not his being pink and slightly too small. He slung a small backpack over his shoulder as if it was nothing. What was he carrying why was he traveling so light?
At the drop of a hat he began to run… running for his life clearly, he only glanced back over the top of his shoulder once clearly understanding the gravity of the situation, growling snarls could be heard beckoning from behind him but no this was not a hungry wolf. While running the man took of his bag and reached in for something. He pulled out an orange single shot flare gun clearly worn out from constant use. He raised his arm and fired a single flair into the night sky revealing what laid behind him and in front of him, as the flair began to fall from the sky a crackle rippled through the air and with the sharp sound of bullet hitting flesh whatever was behind him was gone.
There was a house up ahead just on the outskirts of a large town. It was dilapidated and falling apart from rot, it was clearly supposed to be painted white and red but with time the white had faded towards a cream color and the red had become a rusty red. The man stopped at the door removed his backpack and placed a rock in the bag that was close by and with one thrust he threw it through the window. As quickly as he had unlocked the door he dropped to the ground practically kissing the hardwood floor. Outside was dark as the flair had all but faded but growling and snarling could be heard but this time there was more than one. One of them things was just an inch away from this man, scratches could be heard on the walls from outside like chalk hitting the Blackboard but within moments they quickly turned their attention to another flair fired from on top of a nearby hill. The survivor grabbed his bag and held it close the name tag on the top read “Daniel Jefferson”. Daniel clearly remembered what he came for and furiously began ransacking the house emptying cupboards wardrobes and even searching in the oven. Something caught his eye there was a can of some kind on top of a shelf above the kitchen. Daniel couldn’t reach it and began to climb on the counter but he had put too much weight onto the shelf as it fell he clung onto it bringing down old plates and yes the can of… tactical bacon. Shuffling could be heard from the adjacent dining room clearly something was still here, Daniel bit his lip and began picking out ceramic shards that had pierced his skin While he let out a cold sigh he stared at a small pistol barely the size of his hand and that could only hold two rounds. Daniel began to move cautiously to the next room as he peeked around the corner into the dining room, what was there clearly shocked him but not in a way that suggested he hadn’t seen it before. A decaying corpse of an elderly woman was precariously swinging from a rope that was clearly set up for a suicide… what drove such an action was very clear. Daniel looked at his feet as the woman’s cold corpse began swinging its bony arms madly at him, he was clearly thinking but without any further hesitation he raised his arm with his weapon in tow and fired one bullet into her skull.
What happens to Daniel next is very unclear but if you meet him out there in what’s left of our world if he is even alive do not attempt to test him or harm him because he will find a way to survive.

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