Shared by Asmondian on September 30, 2018


•• Explanation and resons behind the concept ••

The idea is that if it’s the first time you’re looting a dead body (player), you woun´t be able to access his inventory by using the vicinity tab. Instead, you need to perform an “Inspect body” action. You only have to do it once (And then next time you would be able to use the vicinity tab as usual) and only if nobody did it before you (Which could offer some info about that dead body).


•• What is the reason for this idea? ••

• Avoid the “vicinity run peak” (Run to the body, tab vicinity, double click and run away)
• Avoid screen freezes when there are many bodies or a single body with lots of items (Huge problem in Xbox)
• Avoid delays in inventory loads by not having everything (clothes) displayed by default.
• Would make the decision to loot the body into a more dangerous and planned one
• Could help to correct the “looting range” of corposes (Where you need to approach, TAB, check if you see the body, TAB, move a little, TAB again and repeat until you find the right position above the corpose).
• It could collaborate with avoiding looting dead bodies behind structures (Behind a wall/door by proximity).
• The idea of ​​”inspecting body” could work together with the despawn times/rates (If someone already inspected that corpose, it could take less time to disappear than if nobody did it). This would also ensure that the items will not be spead on the floor (but inside the body-container) affecting server performance.
• Would solve a current duping method related to “dragging” clothes from dead bodies (Can´t go into much details)


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