Shared by newt on July 25, 2016

Yeah, This guy never new that I got him on recording, name and all. Just another low level cheater

Video Geolocation


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    If you are not aware, there is currently a hack in DayZ where you can shoot 7.62 (Mosin Rounds) through your fists. Not only are these rounds the most powerful in the game, but shooting through your fist is just ridiculous. You can also shoot explosions through your fist. If you are wondering how i know this, i have a friend who is a hacker, but he doesnt go around ruining the game, using it to his advantage, he rarely even uses them, and when he does its for fun.

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      Well gooner I guess you’re really in the loop with the whole hacker thing. Your friend is a loser.

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      For him it is fun, but what about the feeling for the rest of the players, The ones who run for hours and hours for that precious black cargo pants, the scarcest Winchester rounds or whatever takes long to collect, for your friend just to come have his fun and ruin it by rekking the gear, killing us and for what, FUN! Are you seriously thinking it is fun to run into Mr LouShen. Fun for him maybe, but to me he is just a blatant piece of shit. I was just a Bambi, had nothing, was nice towards him and his niceness towards me was to use a hack. Great fun it was, WooHoo
      BTW, I was not shot by Mosin rounds, as It took multiple shots to kill me, 4 I think, very Mosin unlike. It was shitty powered ammo that he used. I also survived the explosions thing they do, that video to follow soon, though I don’t have any names on that. Was almost engulfed by the smoke of one explosion.
      Maybe get new friends, cause by Peer power one day you will hack to, to be in with your friends maybe.