Shared by Bombsquad on January 16, 2015

So, long story short here. I’m out in Berezino searching for cannibals (A faction on the server that I play that are bandits that kill and eat other players) located somewhere around that area. Well, while I’m there I find a guy struggling to fight off some zombies, so I give him a helping hand and bandage up his wounds, so I helped him get out of the town and tried taking him to Electro, but on the way he decided to commit suicide because he was starving and low on blood. What I didn’t know is that we were being watched by a group of bandits, that then ran up to me and gave me the poor excuse of saying that they saw me kill him, so they had a reason to kill me and take my gear, so I complied due to being outnumbered. After that they ate my dead friend and told me I was going to be killed next, luckily they didn’t know I had a magnum hidden on me.

Video Geolocation