Shared by DayZTVSUXBALLS on June 14, 2014

Was doing some looting up at the NE Airfield, I scoped out the airfield for a little while to make sure things were fairly safe to go down, things were running incident free until i got to the ATC Building. I came across another player who was completely unaware that i was there, I notified him that he wasn’t alone and told him to hold it right there, He panicked and then suddenly i was kicked from the server. Now being that this was an Admin i found it to be a pretty low thing to do, I wasn’t aggressive, i could’ve shot on site but i didn’t.Anyway I just want to call out the Admins of this server – Zucchini Gangster Club – Sydney – You can hardly call yourselves “gangsters’ when you act like pussies!


Music By – Brother Dege.
Song – Dead & Gone

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