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We at last had a chance to get together and talk about DayZ Standalone, Brian’s role and the future of this amazing game. This is part one. Make sure you subscribe for the second part this weekend.

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DayZ Standalone Gameplay features heavily in my Youtube Channel. Playing DayZ is the thing I enjoy doing but I also hope that I can help make your DayZ Standalone experiences better with some tips and info you can find here on my channel;

DayZ Standalone THE zombie survival game was created by Dean Hall and is a Bohemia Interactive Production. Visit their site here


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    What most people can’t really understand about DayZ development explained in a couple of minute:

  • Player vs player interactions were enhanced by the harshness of the environment. Once survival became easy. DayZ turned into ARMA deathmatch.

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    Sorry to say, but this game was amazing on day 1 Alpha release, not anymore. It was just like the mod but improved. Could go to Bolota and get geared in seconds and go out and PvP with friends. Those were days when the SA first released. The games got so many mechanics that its buggered off most of what us veterans know DayZ for, a simple survival/PvP game. While these mechanics are cool and adds to the immersion to a degree, at the end of the day most of us just want to PvP and build bases and progress through the game that way. I believe there should be separate server play styles to better both communities, one for survival and one for PvP mod based were loot isnt so grindy and weather has no effect on your player. Honestly I just cant wait for the Epoch team to take over this game, you guys paved the way, but it’s time for the community to improve.