Shared by modernkilla82 on June 17, 2015

Brian Hicks Talks about server hosting, single player and modding at E3 on PcGamer Twitch Stream!


  • Brian Hicks sort of talks about dayz. Christ that was not enough info on what might be coming it was already info we knew/know of via even this website. Nothing about the new engine apart from its being worked along the one we are on now. Lol worthy, why not a more detailed discussion with some real new footage and so forth.

    waste of stage time tbh.

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    Too long in alpha you must be new to alpha tests.Matter fact most alpha tests are reserved for friends and family and a closed group because people always assume a alpha is the same as a beta and they make a ruckus like we keep seeing on dayz lol.Alpha tests can last years because normally its closed and not even adverised because its literally a development phase 3-5 years normally.Eitherway as a actual dayz player im still having a blast.

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    Nice you let your game lag in the demo there, great job Hicks great job. Could you please finish DayZ on pc before you start going on Xbox??? cause if it gets on xbox were gonna get loads of glitches.

    Not to hate on DayZ but dayz has been to long in Alpha than supposed to be..

    • Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about here sir. Frankly too long in alpha?? lol that’s the stupidest thing ive ever heard. Google every game that you have played or seen, and see how many years was those games in alpha. Every single game will incubate in alpha for at least 3 years… AT LEAST 3 years.