Shared by hwk on March 27, 2013


  • Over 600 more weapons added, 100 more hand guns added. etc
  • Over 20 lootable skins to find, original bandit skin re-added for bandits, Clan skins – no limit on what we can add
  • 175+ land, air & sea vehicles added, more *end-game* vehicles
  • New zombie sounds, stronger zombies, more zombies. etc
  • More heli crash sites, more animals. etc
  • ARMA 2 Electrical Power Grid – Can be turned on/off, can be destroyed/repaired (Lighting, Street lights, Light House lights. etc)
  • Logistics System – Tow vehicles, flip vehicles, load in gear/smaller vehicles, lift vehicles with helicopters, move objects. etc
  • Base construction + new tents, buildings, secret bases, flags. etc
  • Companions (Dogs)
  • Refuel your vehicles fully by parking them close to a fuel tank (one that would work with a jerry can) – saves unnecessary time spent on refueling vehicles
  • New sound effects for everything! From climbing ladders to running on surfaces to reloading & firing off weapons.
  • Remove parts from vehicles
  • Night fog/mist



  • More skins/clothing, more weapons, more vehicles, more buildings, bases. etc
  • New kinds of zombies/undead, new sounds, Umbrella Corporation’s Nemesis Program *shhhh*
  • New radio system – communicate with other people that have radio’s
  • Clan channels – talk/type to your Clan in-game over a private channel
  • Speakers around Chernarus can play messages & music – can be influenced by players on what the messages are, Players can communicate with the speakers by going to Green Mountain – Radio Tower needs to be repaired/activated – can be destroyed/deactivated.
  • In car radio system – communicate with other players + listen to music, messages
  • TS3 Integration
  • New kinds of heli crash sites/lootable spawns, lootable Aircraft Carrier
  • Weight and tiredness system – everything has weight, determines how much you can carry / how long you can run for. Determines how much a vehicle or tent can hold