Shared by AstrosLegacy on August 6, 2016

[0.60] DayZ Standalone Gameplay – So some of the BrotherZ were taking into custody by the Chernarus Police Force for reasons we still don’t know…All they know is they need to get off that Island.
The DayZ Underground (DUG) Prison Break Event was alot of fun and I hope to be apart of many more events like this, so thankyou to all the people who set this up and/or participated.

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People In this video!

WillerZ [Event Host] –

Just Chill Gaming –

Savage –


CamCantRun –

Jonny Rotten/DethScythe –

Sobieski –

PsiSynidicate –

Silo –

BlacK JacKs –

Trinsetta, TheRealDirtyDan, Hex, BravoTs and more… (Anyone else I missed who was in the video, feel free to comment down below so I can add them here)

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