Shared by Gourdin on June 19, 2013

We’re finally done.

The second part of the DayZ story, which I decided to make into a trilogy. This was one of the most ambitious projects to date for me. My big brother composed the melody and made most of the work on the beat while I gave him my inputs. He’s ridiculously talented and you will probably hear more songs in the future where he helps out.

I also tried my hands on the ARMA 2 Editor for this one and made the clip myself. I just started using it on Monday and recorded and edited all of this in the last 3 days but I hope the result is to your satisfaction 🙂 And yes, I know that I wrote “decisions” wrong. But it is my desicion how I want to write that!

The guy at the end talking? Yeah, you will probably hear him again in the third part.
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