Shared by kenblocker on September 1, 2016

Some big news for 0.61 Update in the new status report! Keep up with me & follow on: ►Twitch: – ►Twitter: If you enjoy these videos be sure to hit that LIKE, also if you’re new subscribe for more 🙂

Music / sound FX in the video are from Epidemic Sound with Licensing through BBTV.

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    Can someone maybe help explain what some fixes are. Like what is “Virtual Machine exception related Containers” exactly. Some people do not know what the new battery is for and others can not explain it, but it seems we are all expected to just understand what these things mean when they talk gibberish about fixes. It would be fantastic to know/ learn some new stuff along the way then just “Hey they fixed a lot of stuff” and things many of us just do not understand!

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      VM – is a virtual system that saves info and sharing it amongst others. Something like matrix in my understanding. And as for new battery, it is going to be used for aircraft, but I guess you already know that part. Those things aren’t hard to find ) but might be confusing for some.

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    Sad to think that they will most likely NOT be fixing any of the ridiculously easy methods to dupe gear, and glitch into pretty much any building in Chernarus,

    I don’t play on public, but I do know that Chernogorsk is a mosh pit of fresh players who’ve grabbed a duped aug from a barrel on their own pubby server and ran in to shoot people.

    And when is the ability to get any spawn you want in 5 minutes using a rag going to be even touched upon? All of these things have fucked the meta, it means NOTHING to kill one member of a group anymore, because they’ll just auto-run their merry way on down to you and be back in no time.

    Sitting over a heli at Kozlovka and seeing the amounts of naked players auto-running their way up north is sad, and I think the meta needs to change.

    Fucking DayZ mun