Shared by Mr Boonie on September 26, 2015

Awesome night in Berezino Mr Boonie & Player Hades and our squad wiping out everyone in the town, until we run into two people we thought we would never meet.

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Epic Score- Prepare For The Onslaught (2012 Epic Intense Action Hybrid Rock Orchestral Choir Battle)

Kevin MacLeod ~ Scheming Weasel

Kevin MacLeod ~ Sneaky Snitch

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    Meh, you’re kind of an ass when you play huh? “Get wrecked nerd!” You try way to hard to be cool. You sound like someone that got picked on a lot in school (maybe you’re still in school…I get that feeling) and are trying to compensate vicariously through your avatar as if you’re playing CoD. That’s not what this is game is about my friend. Moon and Kiwo are great at setting up some pretty amazing in game scenarios on the fly, and you wasted your opportunity to be a part of something unique to DayZ in my opinion.

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    Haha Unique meaning gaining no kills, just drama series with videos…. eh that will happen eventually and to judge someones character by watching ONE video is truly immature and premature at that matter. Yes ofcourse I’m in school (college) If you would like to know what degree I’m going for I would love to tell you 😛 Now in DayZ when the game got released it was common and normal to be friendly and to give people a chance, now in these days EVERYONE or mostly everyone is out for better gear, freshspawns knock geared guys out as you can see in this video…… Yes my comment “get REKT nerd” was uncalled for but honestly this game isnt about holding hands around a campfire and singing tunes…..yet that is.