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1. Always Have A Bandage! You never want to be caught in the back ass of No-where and when suddenly you ‘Feel warm blood on your clothes

2. Scan: You’d be surprised how much you miss if you don’t scan using ALT. There might be a tent filled with loot,
or a guy with a Mosin. Regularly scan, even if you think you’re safe in some wooded area,
you never know what’s around that tree. This makes the game a lot more enjoyable as you in most cases will have the upper hand to
track somebody and maybe even bring you to their friends.

3. When in doubt RUN, FOREST, RUN!
There is nothing harder to hit than a moving target. You’ll be surprised how many times your opponent will miss.
Weave in and out of cover, change directions, and don’t stop moving. Remember ALWAYS put something in between you and them!.

4.Listen to gun shots always, they will tell you a story of you target:
Listening to gun shots is one of the MOST vital skills in DayZ you can have.
It can tell you what gun they’re using, where they are, and how many people
there might be, what sort of contact they may have encountered. For example you here 3 different guns firing at the once
and abruptly stopping, more than likely there was a run in with a group. You here one single shot on its own and
You can re assure they just put a zombie down. Try to memorize the gun sounds this skill is very helpful.

5.How to use cover: Always lean out of cover and never look over cover. You should do this for a number of reasons.
– You expose less of your body when you lean out of cover.
– It takes less time to lean back into cover than it does to duck back into cover.
– It allows you to peak around cover more efficiently.
– Always when running long distance run from cover to cover, Be it a tree a rock or just a bush,
if you take fire you know where to go. This should be instinct.

6. Watch and stalk your target: Sometimes your target is not alone,
he may have a buddy covering him or a whole team behind him make sure you
watch around him and let him run for about a kilometer and follow. Even if
he does have buddies you should have a good kilometer buffer zone to kill your target.

7.Honour Grow a backbone: If you know you’re going to die, don’t disconnect.
The guy that shot you out bested you in a fight, let him have the satisfaction
of getting your loot and killing you. If everyone in this game did this tactic,
it would be a whole lot more fun for everyone and enjoyable.

8. ALWAYS go for the silent way to kill a Zombie, but if necessary if you have your gun out and your
cornered Mow em down and RUN!

9. Check where you log out. Is there a hill overlooking it, Is it a military loot spawn, What’s the chance of a
player coming here, Ect. Always log out in an Area that you KNOW is safe!

10. Be smart when picking up guns, Don’t pick up ammo for a gun that is next to impossible to find and down stock up on Mosin ammo
When your carrying an M4.

11. As a tie on to number 10, NEVER leave a Gun and ammo for it together! EVER! Depending on how much time you have /
how ‘hot’ the area is ditch the gun in a bush and the mags in another tree. One less gun is one less threat.

12. Buddy up. Find other people that play DayZ, be it through social media or a community DayZ is a game that is
meant to be played with others! Watch eachothers backs,compounds, avenge deaths ect.

13. Learn the map. it may be crucial for you to be in a gun fight and to know what is over the hill to the south where the best cover is ect,
For locating yourself and knowing where the roads go and what the russian characters translate into english town names. This takes time,knowledge
And experiences.

14. Encounters, I’m not going to tell you how to play the game and I don’t judge but if you want to be nice and friendly with someone remember
These points
-What does he have to loose?
-If he has nothing to loose he could be deadly as it only takes 2 – 4 hits in the head to put you out cold. Keep an eye on these types
-The next type is the guy that you can sees you as a liability. Never let him point a gun at you or in his hands for what you know.
-Best thing to do is if you really don’t want to kill someone Handcuff them take their ammo and run into the trees making it impossible for
Them to find you. (They will break out eventually)

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