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The base building simulators main goal is for users of DayZ Standalone to try out concepts for bases, camps and settlements through a 1st person view. The idea is for the user to also get real time information of how much resources the build would cost. Furthermore the simulator act as a tool to visualize concepts and ideas for modding.



This is week 2 of the project and it introduced the game to enter build 0.1

As of 0.1 the user can:
Place items
Erase items
Rotate items
Choose between 28 different objects
Enter fly mode
Save 1 build
Load build
Interact with objects such as doors and lights
Pause the game


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    It would be great If all this items in the video can be craft from all constructions in the game ; buildings, houses, farms, industries and vehicles, of course. An environment changing every day with the interventions of players.
    Reverse this idea and custom all existing constructions & vehicles and you will get the best survival game of all time^^
    My thought is that everything count when you survive and you can do a lot of thing with a screwdriver and a hammer. More than killing everyone but also to protect and save yourself against an hostile environment, giving real value to this tools.