Shared by Amp on January 20, 2015

This spring, ChirpedTV brings an all new DayZ series. Follow the story of Amp, stuck in a post apocalyptic world devastated by a global infection which turned the population upside down. Witness the events leading up to the outbreak and the line between good and evil become invisible.


“Just before someone calls me out on how the trailer mostly consists of Arma 3 scenes rather than DayZ even though the series is DayZ centered, here’s a little explanation for everything.
This series I’m working on will consist of 3 parts (hopefully 30-40 minutes each part) following a man who is stuck in the world of DayZ in search for a way to fix Earth after a deadly infection struck, turning most of it’s population into zombies.
Pretty much, I’m creating my own spin on the whole storyline of DayZ, how the infection came about, what were the events leading up before the outbreak (Arma 3), during (riots, wars, chaos, Arma 3), and after (DayZ). I’m working hard to create an intense story line filled with blood, war, hooking characters and, well, zombies!
So in a way, this is a machinima/gameplay series. Really excited to see what you guys think come this March in this epic three-part series, I’ve always wanted to make a series like this so I thought I should start BIG. Stay tuned.”

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