Shared by rebellion on February 1, 2016

DayZ 0.59 raid play!

Was on this server with a couple of friends…we have a small camp that we go to on there and Rim (the one with the dodgy accent) came across a bit of a camp in Balota. It was obvious this camp belonged to the server admin(s).

I will say I have had a bit of a problem with this server – when we jump on to go to camp even when the server is emptied out – we kept getting kicked – obviously down to admin kicks. Put a complaint into Fragnet who host the server and noticed it was down for about 2 days as the server title suggested it was for “clan members” only. Well when I noticed it had come back up – we noticed it was restarting a few times when it was up – we also noticed a couple of times that at times the server would shut down and not come back up (obviously the admins were shutting the server down and only using it when they needed to gear back up).

When Rim found the camp there was much much more gear there than what you see in the vid…I join them down on the camp around 30 or so mins after it has been found…from the items there it seemed that a small amount of duping had been going on…with which we helped them along by stripping most of the tents before they went too far and got out of hand.

We are going to make VERY good use of the gear we stripped from this camp.

Many thanks go out to the “OcB Server” for (unknowingly!) allowing us to rape it of all the good SHIT! Just to let anyone who watches this vid know….if they had that camp in Balota, theres a BIG chance that there are more camps hidden (or not so hidden as the case maybe) on the server! Go find them guys!

Here’s Chi’s speeded up vid from his POV


Video Geolocation