Shared by Flak on September 16, 2014

This video is slightly dated at this point but there are still some things in here that I still feel are worth putting out there. I’m also going to note that I do not consider myself expert but I have been referred to by others as an “expert”. I’ve logged over a thousand hours into the DayZ mod, most of which was spent as my groups pilot, I’ve also flown and flown in both fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft myself so I do know more than the average-joe about these machines. But still I’m no “expert”, and odds are you are not be either. (/end disclaimer)

Description from the video:
Listen in as I say ‘uh’ as many times as possible and mangle grammar whilst giving out a word or two on aviation in DayZ Standalone. After making this I discovered the good people of Reddit had made a suggestion page which I recommend checking out, but if I say something you see there just assume I accidentally agreed with them. Also on the note I may say some things that where stated as true or otherwise by the DayZ Dev’s, if you feel that my insolence needs correction feel free to provide it.

Have an comment/opinion/suggestion of your own? Don’t be shy, at least you are just making a single sentence about it, I made an entire video about mine.

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