Shared by modernkilla82 on October 30, 2015
  • Current goal for Beta is 2015 (likely in few months but no longer then that). Likely end of Q1 of next year.
  • Experimental/stable branches will be in their respective builds longer to iron out bugs.
  • Swimming glitch going away in 0.59.
  • As the team works on engine stuff, it’s not a good use of resources to focus on hotfixes.
  • Actions won’t be one fixed motion. You can hold down a button to perform an action and when you let go, it’ll cancel the action. Say you drink from a water bottle, the longer you hold down a button the longer you’ll drink. Also, spamming well drinking is going away.
  • 0.59 only have one blocker (position of vehicles/desync) from releasing.
  • 75 servers are coming soon.
  • Infected back in 0.59. Extensive plans to how the server distributes them in 0.60.
  • Road Map shows when features are created/introduced. Not when it’s completely fleshed out.
  • Beta is defined in which primary work switch from 85 % feature creation 15% bug fixing to 15% feature creation and 85% bug fixing. 1.0 is not a freeze on development for DayZ. Likely continued development for five years post 1.0 release.

Will there ever be a blood HP count thingy to tell how much blood you have?

Color saturation and blurriness is the best way to indicate how well your character is doing. So likely no. The information is easily accessible though for modders if they’d like to make that a thing.

People can draw weapons out of their backpack without a moments notice. Is there going to be something that will prevent that? It seems silly that they can do that without stopping and unzipping the backpack.

I’m inclined to agree, but he doesn’t want to make the game too hardcore. Even though Hall called DayZ the anti-game with its realism and what not, going down that road of super realism is a bit too much. It’d be a good mod though.

Are horses going to be a thing?

Yes. They’ll be difficult to implement though. CEO loves the idea of horses, lol. Can’t confirm it’ll be in 1.0.

What is the most frustrating thing to building DayZ on the Take-On Helicopters Engine?

A lot of it was insanely difficult and many people will say “You shoulda picked a different engine.” At the end of the day though there would be shortcomings with any engine. If there’d have been a better engine, someone probably would’ve done what they were doing a long time ago. That’s why they’re making RV engine. Bohemia is and likely always will be a company that uses its own technology. It made sense to pair the development of the engine with DayZ. Hindsight, I would’ve chosen differently because of the stress, but it wasn’t up to me.

Anything with persistent player damage? Blood on clothing or skin?

Ooo. Yep. Can’t show ya. It’ll be on that status report (which should be out today). Example thing Peter showed me was some dude skinning and quartering a body and it bloodied up his hands. Only way to get rid of it is to wash your hands.

Are vehicle parts going to be easier to find? Or is it just something you’ll have to grind through?

That’s a very very fine balance. It’ll be controlled by admins controlling their respective hives. Same tools used by the devs now to control what and how much loot spawns where.

Will there a option to scavenge from busted up vehicles?

Eh, I’m not really sure I want to go down that route. I think it’d be too easy. I do want people to have to put the time in to get a vehicle working and for it to be difficult. That being said I don’t want it to be too difficult. It’d make a really good mod. Right now though, there’s plenty of places on the map to go which is both a blessing and curse because it spreads players out.

Huge thanks to /u/amia_calva from Reddit.