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Few questions asked at the dayz panel PAX 2016.
Dougie and Raving 🙂


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    Like he said : Patience.

    Too many people whining about the 3 years of alpha of DayZ when most of game of this size have like 5-6 years of development… (like Fallout 4 for exemple and the DayZ’s dev team is not as large as Bethesda ones !)

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      Also BI bought a studio full of developers I think consisting of 80 people back in 2014 + the previous devs and some other European studio

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      That’s what I always say to people whining about it. They just want games already finished. Buy and play, without understanding the huge work behind it and the time spent behind it. They have no idea.

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      *cough* GTA 5 that took 5 years to finish

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        How many ppl was making the game too ? GTA V was made with all the staff of rockstar to make the engine better and the game… That was a big bet and they won it. Here, we have a game with less ppl and less money to make the final product. GTA V would be dead ( multiplayer ) if the game was at the real release ( ps3 / xbox ). Why ? Nothing new…. Same things with the dlc ( bank / biker / ect ).

        Why do you think Rust took so much time to get a product like right now ? Or The Long Dark ? Project Zomboid ? And more of them took severals years and are still in early acces.. Why ? Yes they are not a big company, but the games does not need ( most of them ) a rework of the game ( Graphics / Physics / IA / Networking / API / and all the other features ). Rust, TheLongDark, TheForest, Unturned are using Unity 5, so they don’t need to work on a new engine about the physics, or the graphics. Some of them are focus only in the singleplayer so they don’t need to network everythings… Some of them won’t gonna work on an API.

        I know for you something is messed up behind the scene of dayz… But really you are wrong, we saw some of the big projects be on the stable branch for the first time ( or the experimental ).. Because big projects need more time than making a gun or a soda can. Now we are at the second phase of developpement, adding the big projects… And the third phase you will see it, but you need to wait.

        Ho and new 80 ppl ? arma 3 / project argo / YLands / dayz and all the other unknow projects… How many of them is working on dayz engine, dayz IA, dayz UI, ect ect ?

        I hope I helped you and some of the other crazy dudes you just looked at my post to understand what’s was going on. Remember, GTA did not take 5 years but more do get the product you know today and the team was much more bigger than Bohemia and I guess than Bethesda.

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    is there going to be an official version with good audio/video?