Shared by becky on May 22, 2013

Thought at first these are just bandit re-skins but no, they are DayZ zombies in arms. Hell yeah, armed and extremely dangerous! XD

Quoting the author:

“Introducing a wild twist to playing DayZ
Perhaps you’ve seen countless videos here on YouTube about players getting chased by zeds and zeds killed in endless ways. The walkers, crawlers and sprinters are prominent zombie figures in DayZ.

Now, this one is unique as it features armed zombies! They fight using their randomly acquired firearms. In ‘Flashpoint: Stratis’, zombies don’t just loiter, find target, chase and attack… they also shoot to kill!

You can outrun them but you need to hide really good and take some cover so they won’t spot you from afar. Remember, firearm projectiles travel faster than the fastest zombie sprinter DayZ can ever spawn.”

Full description in this YouTube video link