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The DayZ Breaking Point mod returns for a reincarnation in ARMA 3, learning from the mistakes made in ARMA 2, and it is now completely different experience to really any other mods out there right now. Being the first DayZ mod fully set up for ARMA 3, people perhaps expected something rather mediocre, but the ARMA 3 Breaking Point mod certainly is not that! A reworked medical system, weapon customziation, new vehicle systems, completely new zombies, it has a bit of everything.

How to install Arma 3 Breaking Point

Before installing, please be sure that your Arma 3 fully up to date. This can be checked through steam by verifying integrity of game cache.

1/ Create an account on

2/ After Creating an account, you must then go to your account settings page, located Here. After that scroll down and you will see


3/ After that you need to put in your PlayerID Like this [76561198040*****] (If you do not put the brackets you will be unable to login). To find your playerID you have to go to ingame on ArmA 3 to your profile



4/ Then make sure you add the bracket and add your ID to Here

5/ Download the Breaking Pointer Launcher

6/ Launch the installer as Administrator.

7/ Enter the file path for Arma 3 (C:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Arma 3)


8/ Let the launcher download the needed resources for it to run properly.

9/ Log into the launcher with you forum account details.


10/ Navigate to the install/update tab and hit install/update as seen below.


You can find the mod here:

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