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How to install Zoombies : Dayz mod in Arma 3
Progress in terms of how the standalone version is coming?

It was really fun to capture things on offer, we are making good progress, obviously, we want everything to be perfect, so we have not set a date for release. As Rocket said it would be ready when it’s ready, but the progress is good.

The normal period (per quarter year, etc.) that you stand out from here?
It will be released later this year (hopefully)

I think that’s the great thing about community Dayz, they just want to make the best game possible, then it probably does not matter to the majority when it comes out.
in such things)

One of the problems was that a gun in your hand and you instantly Warz can instantly change anything, which is impossible because you can hold up and can issue only one gun.I
I really do not know, honestly, I have not played this game a lot.

Well, so far, we obtain relatively stable performance, I run it on two machines (MX14 and an office that I do not remember the specs), but we are looking at the performance of Arma II. With motion capture as you saw in the dev blog, we have a simple skeleton so that it is much less intense performace.

Incredible game screenshots / videos that we feel particularly realistic color scheme.
Here, I have to say that every day new things are implemented, I always wanted to play it, but never did.

One of the great things people wanted to see in standalone fixed negative mouse acceleration, it is a bit advanced, that it was addressed?

What are the values ​​of modern weapon damage?

Heroes and villains balance plan is not a villain / hero thought about specific skills? At present it is very easy to become a villain modern.
Range of skill trees themselves, but there are some good ways to implement it can, we have not made a final decision, if we want it or not.

On that note, a suggestion for a target dynamic players endgame?
a better way.

Building on what basis? Etc. You place your base board as players in the game is intended to allow for the construction of houses?
Make a 75 + slot server with hundreds, a week after thousands of homes and cards extremely crowded, being underground, you can control the start and homes with players whenever they

How’s that going to happen, the players or a mesh, etc., must find the shovel scrap?
Well at the moment the design phase / idea is still something we want to do it because it is not necessary for the initial version, but we have not seen. So, for the moment, we have things that we want to or shortly after the initial release and core strengthening will look later in the year we are looking for.

If you are a survivor to kill a living men and women can wear clothes?
That is a good question and I have tried, we have clothes that will fit both sexes, and then tried to focus on, hoodies, jeans can be a very strange man in a skirt survivor well-run must see.