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The final episode of this series.

Righteousness shall reign throughout the cosmos. On this day, at this very moment a new chapter begins, and the author of that history shall be, Zamasu, holy magistrate of justice eternal

Act 1 00:00 to 56:24
Act 2 56:24 to 1:30:22
Act 3 1:30:22 to 2:15:33

With the limit breaking power of the gods I go well beyond 100 kill streak and easily overwhelm the remaining mortals.
The last groups of mortals prepares a desperate assault to the anti ningen base, the battles are then taken into their hideouts and all the corners of the world.

Now that the project zero mortals is complete in this world I will give it my own gift of creation that I denied to other worlds not worthy of such divine gift, this is the one I choose, in the future of this world a new more perfect creation will be made to repopulate this world made by the gods.
After 1 year the deed is complete and now the the beauty of this world can be restored.
The perfect utopia will be achieved, one that will keep DayZ Mod alive.

Full Series Timeline ( 03 April 2017- 13 April 2018)
Server: UK420
Introduction: MacLobuzz
Music used:
Composed by: Norihito Sumitomo

Vegeta New Form

Dream Tag Match

Limit Break

The Power to Resist

A Fearsome Foe

The Final Death Match – OST

Formidable Foe-OST


Cover composed by : Friedrich Habetler Music

Jiren’s Tremendous Power _ Epic Rock

Composed by: PokéMixr92 ;

Zero Mortal Plan (HQ Recreation)

Desperate Assault Theme [HQ Recreation]

Hakaishin Toppo theme (HQ Recreation)

All-Out Battle! (HQ Recreation)

Battle of Honor [HQ Recreation]

Memories of Time [HQ Recreation]

Frieza’s Secret Plan (HQ Recreation)

Final Hope (HQ Recreation)

Final Showdown [HQ Recreation]

Orchestra of Justice [Perfect Quality Recreation]
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