Shared by SupaSand on December 1, 2018

Final episode.

The remaining ningen are erased and remaining bases raided even the fresh spawn killer/combat logger/ ghoster ( ) gets a taste of divine justice 49:50 ; 58:00 , no one can escape god’s justice no matter how privileged they become and how much money they waste away to be above the rules of mortals I will always see to that pay for their sins in the name of those who fail to act and do their duty under pressure unlike them I do not crumble under hesitation, panic and fear itself, it all turns to nothing in the flames.

This world is over much like DayZ Mod, now one final push to complete the remaining tasks after so many years so that I can finally start exploring the parallel universes beyond the mod and rid them of ningen as well .

Arma 2 DayZ Mod Patch 1.9


introduction by : DenlockTV