Shared by SupaSand on April 4, 2019

Feel the fury of a God !
The fate of DayZ Mod has been sealed along time ago but in my utopia only the gods will remain and the beauty of this world will be preserved for ever. #Dayz #Dayzmod
Time stamps
0:00 – 42:33 (You are just an Appetizer )
42:33 – 1:18:02 ( Consuming the mortal Main dish )
1:18:02 – 2:00:08 ( The Kraken OutLaw Desert )

At last its over but there is one thing left to do, go back to the main vanilla timeline whose worlds where all erased and deliver Final Judgment so that the mod may be avenged and rest in peace knowing it’s killers were not only destroyed but finally judged don’t miss Final Judgment release in a few weeks.

Arma 2 DayZ Mod Patch 1.9


introduction by : DenlockTV