Shared by Redseven on February 5, 2017

After playing a lot of experimental, I can say that i’ve tested all the cars on different servers (US and EU) and i want to bring you, in this video, my opinion about their status.
Another purpose of this video is to keep you up to date with exp. 0.61 cars. We talk about some new features, some current bugs and more…
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    i think adding cars ready to use is great for the game so people can get a feeling of what it will be and also for devs to notice bugs and find all fixes needed for cars to drive good and even better than they do right now. I think team is doing great work and im so hyped for future!

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      I agree with you but not on stable. At least, not with a very bugged status. In my opinion, there’s a lot of things that go wrong right now on stable (server crashes, out of memory, and more). We don’t need more. But having the possibility to test cars and see how they work is a good idea.

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    That’s the kind of video not only the devs but also the players want to see. They are instructional.

    I’ve noticed a lot of toxic videos about DayZ. I get the frustration from the players, but the community should help instead of just getting views from angry players. We all know that’s not helpful at all.

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    The lag you went on about with the car is 100% because of the rainfall, me and my friend experienced that during .60 when cars were usable in stable. If you hold your right click and zoom for the duration of your time in the car, it does help stabalize your FPS nicely.

    But more importantly, are me and my friends the only people who know about the giant freaking lag bubble that happens when you drive a vehicle next to another? That’s what I watched this entire video for just to hope that you actually checked it, but just a bunch of stuff with the bus and truck.

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      Hello Solus!
      During the gameplay with the sedan that you have seen in the video there was no rain.
      I haven’t played only one hour exp. and after that i did this video. No. I did it multiple times in order to test and re-test bugs, new features, how to’s (how to detach/attach wheels, how to split them, how to detach parts), and more. So, lag and low FPS happen not only when it rains.
      I did test that lag bubble, but i forgot to talk about it. Also forgot to show how i used to get stuck with my car on top of those road borders, in previous patches (had the footage, but i forgot to show it). Also forgot to talk and show how you can unstuck your car by throwing wheels at/in it. There are a lot of things that i haven’t tested, but all those ones in another video.
      I’m glad to say that the lag bubble (when you approach another car), you know, that freezing moment – it’s not in the game anymore. Went past other cars and nothing happened. However, if someone is driving a car in front of you, you sometimes have lag, the car in front disappears and appers below you….a lot of glitches. This didn’t occur all the time, only the first one I tested the bus and the sedan together.