Shared by Statty on June 18, 2016

Gained myself an apprentice, I show him how to handle himself in the new world, Then the unexpected happens…

All the Information You need! ▼

This video was just an experiment to see how you guys like this gameplay, I’m currently looking for a consistent server to play on so in the mean time I made this for you guys!

You can find the mod through the a3Launcher:

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The music used in this video ▼

•All the Music in this video is provided by:
Authors Name: Joachim Heinrich
Link to his Channel:
Song #1 – Horizon | Joachim Heinrich
Song #2 – ASHES TO ASHES | Joachim Heinrich
Song #3 – Life Goes On | Joachim Heinrich
Song #4 – BREATHE | Joachim Heinrich
Song #5 – EXTINCTION | Joachim Heinrich