Shared by Surviv0r on May 2, 2016

i had been thinking about this program for a while, its on steam called cpucores. supposedly boosting fps in games….. its on sale now 25% off so i decided for the sake of a few pound to give it a go, if it dont work ill get a steam refund. OMG well impressed, we all know berezino is shit for fps 15-20, with cpucores i get 30-40. i got a top end pc too so was surprised at the difference it made in dayz. i dont know what it does to the cores and threads or if its easy to do yourself all i know is the fps boost is amazing and really surprised me. heres the product on steam…

and before anyone says something its not my program so get nothing from sales, im not on a commission, just thought it may help you all the way it has me with dayz. well worth the money to boost it like that.

i have i7 6700k, 16g ram, cpu @4.00 ghx (boost to 4.60), nvidia 970

dayz played all on

object= high, terrain= very high, clouds= normal, shadow= low, antianalising= disabled, alpha coverage= disabled, edge smoothing= fxaa very high, hdr= low, ambient= disabled, postprocess= disabled, video me=- auto, texture detail= very high, texture filtering= very high Clouds= normal, shadows= low