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Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by. I recently took up the role of a leather trader on the DAYZ CROSSROADS RP server and things went really… lets just say… tense.

My names Damien. I was born in South Texas and mostly lived on the ocean. My uncle was a world champion sailor so as a young man he trained me to be a quality crewman. That eventually turned in to me sailing across the world. After two years at sea I came back to find the world in ruin. Some type of infection/possession was taking over the world. I found books on how to use hide to survive in the wild and did just that. Life has treated me well, up to this point. But things are not always heavenly.

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If any of you are returning viewers and curious about the timeline according to Chase Perkins story, this would be happening while Chase was still living in the Chernogorsk Construction site. So eight years before my last video.

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