Shared by ravplays on November 1, 2016

Recorded on Dayz aftermath get white-listed here:

In this video i follow the event off my character “Morgan”, It starts of a like every other day with a bit of hunting so he can feed himself later but it escalates quicks. He finds himself fighting for his life at the airfield and he has to kill a sniper. Eventually it calms down and he carry’s on making his backpack. He tests the strength and capacity of his new bag by taking it on a loot run but it doesn’t end well. Him and his friends weren’t alone and they get killed upon entering VMC. After witnessing his friends dies he takes no more and shoots one of his own friends that are getting on his nerves. However this fills him with guilt so he redeems himself by killing a guy in a cow mask who has 2 people tied up.

Joakim Karud – Road trip :
Kevin Macleod – At Rest :
Nvcm free music – The Victory of the war :