Shared by TheLocalMilitia on April 17, 2016

I’ve been playing on the SoS server for about 5 months now and have been asked a few times if I wanted to join their group. Yesterday, I applied and was accepted into the clan.
On Friday 15/04/16 myself and a few other members of SoS went into Elektro and.. long story short.. kidnapped 3 players. After conversing with them for some time, we exchanged fire with a few other players and in the confusion one of the captives picked up a rifle and shot Paul, one of the server admins.
(The server rules state that you are allowed Malicious Bait in KOS areas, which I had asked upon entering Elektro if this was indeed a KOS area.. which they said is was.)
A few minutes after, the logs were checked and the player who had shot was banned from the server. When I asked why, the reply was “for being friendly and then popping me in the head”. Remember, Elektro is a KOS area.. even on non KOS days.
I spoke up about this, how banning him is not justified and that I do not approve of it.. however it is their server and they can do what they want.
There is nothing in the rules set by Bohemia for server hosting that say an admin cannot ban a user, however there is a fine line between upholding server rules and admin abuse.
Paul then responded by telling me as a server admin, he can change the rules whenever he wised.
He then moved several members into our room and then attempted to discredit and mock me.
Who is a lowly rank 1 recruit to accuse the ‘General of the Army’ (server groups) for abusing his position as admin?
I left on good grace, wishing them fair game in Cherno and that I was heading up north. I logged out about 20m later and when I tried to join the server this evening it rejected my connection. When I attempted to join TeamSpeak it said that I had been banned permanently.
I’ve attempted to contact numerous admins, however have been removed from the Friends list on Steam and have received no response from the requests I sent over 24 hours ago.
I put this video up as a last resort, as the SoS server is a server I have spent many hours on and love it’s community to bits.
It’s just a shame that I was banned over something as trivial as standing up for another player.